AD584 7.5V measurement

Test of AD584KH module in ambient. Powered by K2400 +15.0V.
3458A@NPLC200 OCOMP ON with 1s delay

TCBOX 3458 is +4.25 ppm/K on 4K delta
Voltage: 7V5 VDC
Black dots - individual DMM samples.
Automatic ACAL DCV run on every 0.5C change

Result CSV-data from HP 3458A


* RPI accesses DMMs via GPIB and reads data.
* Data is formatted by python script into DSV string and written/append to file on FTP
* DSV-file is visible publicly on
* Page runs D3.js javascript library to read DSV file test.log to input data
* D3.js plots SVG graph online :)