xDevs.com documents repository is online again

Documents repository status?

Back in September 2023 online and public documents repository under URL https://xdevs.com/doc/ was temporarily shutdown for server updates. One of the reasons was to filter out bots and unwanted visitors.

Now documents are finally up and online again at https://xdevs.com/docs/ in a test mode for all our xDevs.com readers and members.

Sadly due to current situation in the world and russian attack on Ukraine authentication is now mandatory to access the xDevs repository archives. Please contact team[@]xdevs.com mail to request your own unique login and password to repository. It would also be very nice to introduce yourself a bit and confirm your country and town.

If you never contacted xDevs.com before, please introduce yourself and confirm your geographical location (Country and town/city, no need for personal addresses). Just a short paragraph about your interested in test and measurement equipment or technical documentation would be enough. You’ll then get your unique login and password to access the repository.

Information you provide will not be stored anywhere for any purposes, we just want to be friendly community. Making documentation available for older test equipment is also supporting Right for Repair for products that you already bought and own. Making something very complex like the electronics test equipment has huge carbon and ecology footprint, so supporting the Right for Repair by saving your equipment and fixing it with manuals and documentation worth the efforts.

Remember, this resource is otherwise freely available, it will never be under any kind of paywall.

And since we all adults, please not share your login/password with 3rd parties but direct them to this page instead.

Thank you for the your patience.

Author: Ilya Tsemenko
Created: Nov. 10, 2023, 4:41 a.m.
Modified: Nov. 12, 2023, 2:50 a.m.