Comment section in articles is no more on project whole purpose is to educate and help engineers and technical minds with information. We do not and will never do advertisements, promotions or track viewers for advertisement sales. I spend lot of effort at creating useful and interesting content and having latest spam news or ads to show up on my site is a big NO.

That being said, Disqus commenting engine was attached to the site to get feedback from the users. It was indeed working good until recently, when I have discovered horrible ads block on the article page. Some might say that there is always a paid option to remove ads. Maybe if there would be proper service terms communications and update from Discus I’d consider it .

Given that site does not generate any money (and its not made for that!) paying $105 USD/month just to have ads removed is not much alternative here. Cheaper plan may not apply as xDevs ocassionally has more than 50k pageviews per day.

There’s nothing I can do about comments for now, as I don’t have necessary knowledge to implement alternative comment engine for site pages. I can only ensure you is that Disqus code and all existing data is now deleted. No more monitoring and ads spam by Disqus.

And if you’re using Disqus right now on your site, you might want to think about this too and use alternative open commenting systems, if available.

Your feedback and comments on any article contents or published data is still very welcome. For such feel free to contact me directly. also have very own IRC text chat server: (standard port 6667, channel: Web-interface for access mirrored on this page.

Good old email to team[@] also works very well.

Let’s make web a little cleaner without ads.

Author: Ilya Tsemenko
Created: March 31, 2021, 4:32 a.m.
Modified: March 31, 2021, 2:32 p.m.