Tempco test Nov.17 with HP A9 STD reference

NVS A9 module temperature box test, GPIB code running on Raspberry Pi 3 + NI GPIB-USB-HS FC

TC Result = -0.0x ppm/K peak, zero TC around +40 °C

Powered by K2400 at 15.00VDC Icmpl=105mA,
Irunning = 28.5mA at 20C
Irunning = 24.4mA at 46C
Irunning = 23.7mA at 50C
PID settings: KP=140, KI=0.2, KD=1.2, Max TEC voltage = 10.5V, Max TEC Current = 1A, YSI 44006 current = 100E-6 A

Reference levels:
LTZ1000A HP3458A A9-STD REF = 7.18463157 VDC;

Result CSV-data


* RPI accesses DMMs via GPIB and reads data.
* Data is formatted by python script into DSV string and written/append to file on FTP
* DSV-file is visible publicly on https://xdevs.com/datashort/
* Page http://xdevs.com/datalog_mm/ runs D3.js javascript library to read DSV file test.log to input data
* D3.js plots SVG graph online :)