IR 3899 Calc
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9A Highly Integrated SupIRBuck Single-input Voltage, Synchronous Buck Regulator toolkit
This page will help to configure IR3899 and calculate component values for your application.

This calculator is suitable well also for most of other voltage-feedback power converters. Enter corrent voltage reference (TL431 = 2.5V, Lot of LDOs 1.25 or 0.8V), and resistance divider R5,R6 values to get output voltage.

R5 resistance Ohm
Output voltage0.000000 VDC
R6 resistance Ohm
Duty (D)0.000 %
VREF voltage VDC
VIN(min)0.000000VDC VIN(max): 0.000000VDC
VIN voltage VDC
R2 resistance0000.0000 Ohm
Iout load ADC
IRMS ripple00.0000 ADC
Freq switching kHz
Lo inductance0.0000uH

IRF IR3899 DC-DC Datasheet