LTZ1000 calculator toolkit
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Linear Ultra-zener LTZ1000 toolkit
This page will help to configure LTZ1000 or LTZ1000A and calculate component values for your application.

Select reference type
A1,A2 :

R1 resistance Ohm
R2 resistance Ohm
R4 resistance Ohm
R5 resistance Ohm
Vbz voltage VDC
VIN voltage VDC
Vbe transistor VDC
Ambient temp °C
Battery capacity A*h


VINmin 0.000000
VINmax 0.000000VDC, 1%
Output VZ voltage 0.0000000 VDC
VREF Collector current 0000.00 uADC
Zener current, thru R1,VZ 00.0000 mADC
Total consumption 00.0000 mADC
Setpoint temp 0.0000 °C
Voltage divider ratio K 00.0000

Heater results:

Heater voltage 0.00000 VDC
Heater current 00.0000 mADC

Battery-powered application

Uptime 000000 hours

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