ADR1001 in the house, ready for experiments

Similar to ADR1000AEZ brand new Analog Devices ADR1001 reference IC features newly redesigned buried zener core but this time chip also got integrated resistors and amplifiers to provide ready to use scaled and buffered +5 V (or other levels like +10 V and +2.5 V) as well as raw +6.6 V output from the zener. All comes in cute 20-pad ceramic LCC surface-mount case.

Now that this new chip is finally almost available to the market by Analog Devices distributors, we placed an order in March 2024 and now the first batch was delivered end of May 2024. ADR1001AEZ chip was added to Digikey store 19 March 2024 and shortly after to Mouser. IC is priced around $100 USD in few units quantity and about $66 USD for mass production 1k+ volumes which is cheaper than LTZ1000/ADR1000-based solution with external high-performance precision resistors.

So finally after more than 3 years of rumors and waiting we have actual production ICs on hand. These will be extensively tested for performance and compared to already working ADR1000, LTZ1000 and LTZ1000A based modules. This will be interesting!

Chips lot came in a full LCC-20 tray, very handy for storage and automated assembly process. Whole pack was sealed in regular ESD-safe bag without dessicant or humidity indicator sheet, as ADR1001 are built with hermetic ceramic package and have no MSL rating.

All chips have same manufacturing lot number G135364, assembled in Phillipines with date code 2407, which means 7 week 2024. Analog Devices was working on ADR1001 for quite a while with some early chips tested already from the end of 2021.

Known date code for ADR1001 Test at ADI
44 week 2021 Temperature cycling, -65 °C to +150°C for 500 hours
47 week 2021 Temperature cycling, -65 °C to +150°C for 500 hours
6 week 2022 High temperature +150 °C test for 1000 hours
6 week 2022 Temperature cycling, -65 °C to +150°C for 500 hours

Based on internal ADR1001 die photographs by Richi’s Lab the design tape out was done in 2020, good four years ago.

To evaluate the chip performance custom development board will be built with test hooks and external support circuitry to allow easy probing and parameter changes.

I have already started the new reference PCB layout. Don’t have final solution yet, but can share a little teaser rendering of the concept for first 1001-based xDevs voltage reference:

Discussion is very welcome thru comment section or at our own IRC chat server: (port 6010, channel: or by email.

Author: Ilya Tsemenko
Created: May 29, 2024, 6:37 a.m.
Modified: May 29, 2024, 5:27 p.m.