1MEG VPG VHA518 ambient temp

VHA518 1MEG VPG test, ambient temp, measured with TiN's HP 3458A, OHMF 4W mode, NPLC200

Please wait for all data to get loaded. It may take 10-30 seconds in worst case.

Result CSV-data from HP 3458A


* RPI accesses DMMs via GPIB and reads data.
* Data is formatted by python script into DSV string and written/append to file on FTP
* DSV-file is visible publicly on https://xdevs.com/datashort/
* Page http://xdevs.com/datalog_mm/ runs D3.js javascript library to read DSV file test.log to input data
* D3.js plots SVG graph online :)

Resistor photo: