Test of K2000 10V vs references.

Time 9823 MFC 10V output measured by K2000, K2002-u2, 3458A

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Download CSV files for full datalog details
CSV-data from Keithley 2000 (NPLC10)
CSV-data from Keithley 2002 Old (NPLC50)
CSV-data from HP 3458A (NPLC100)


* RPI accesses DMMs via GPIB and reads data.
* Data is formatted by python script into DSV string and written/append to file on FTP
* DSV-file is visible publicly on https://xdevs.com/datashort/
* Page http://xdevs.com/datalog_mm/ runs D3.js javascript library to read DSV file test.log to input data
* D3.js plots SVG graph online :)