Wavetek/Datron 4808 multifunction calibrator restoration log


The Wavetek/Datron 4800 series MFC are designed to adjust, test and provide calibratiton for general purpose instruments, such as DMMs. MFC itself supported by the Wavetek/Datron 4950 Multifunction Transfer Standard.

Possible Options of 4800 series:

Option code Function
10 DC Voltage: 100 µV – 200 V in decades, 7½-digit or 10 nV
20 AC Voltage: 1 mV – 200 V in decades, 6½-digit or 100 nV, 10 Hz – 1 MHz
30 Extend range for ACV and DCV up to 1000 V
40 DC Current and AC Current: 100 µA – 2 A, 6½-digit or 100pA
50 Resistance: 10 Ω – 100 MΩ, 7½-digit resolution
60 Extend DCI and ACI range up to 11 A


Firmware: TI 27C512-25, 20-Aug-93, Checksum: B48297, Binary


CPU board

IF board

FP board

REF board

DC board

AC board

PA board

Ohm board

Sine board

HV boards

38V module

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Keypad assembly

Display assembly

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Test results


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