Fluke 5450A Resistance calibrator



This article is dedicated to Fluke 5450A decade resistance calibrator evaluation, calibration, service and performance tests.

Model 5450A Resistance Calibrator can be used to verify resistance measuring accuracy of precision DMM, ohm-meters, and other measurement equipment. Unit provides cardinal point resistance values in decade steps from 1 Ω to 100 MΩ and decade steps from 1.9 Ω to 19 MΩ. Typical accuracy is ±8 ppm. Also 4-wire Kelvin connections eliminate the effects of lead resistance. All functions and resistance switching can be controlled either from the front panel or remotely over IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface for use in automated setup.

Back in 80’s this resistance calibrator was complimenting DC Voltage calibrators, such as Model 5440B and 5442A. Later in 90’s this combination replaced by Fluke 5700/5720A series multi-function calibrators, however many design concepts and ideas from 5450A such as circuit arrangement and resistance ranges were reused from 5450A.


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Manuals and documentation

Exterior and user interface

Before we dig into the instrument itself, I’d like to point out how this box was shipped. Usually when I buy equipment from secondary market sellers just toss the gear into cardboard box, fill (if you lucky) with foam and peanuts and let the package go, hoping for the best. Few times I got damaged panels/chassis due to bad packaging.

However this time, seller from Italy went above and beyond and build nice wooden crate, with foam inside that matches 5450A nicely to reduce any risks of shipping damage. Sharing photos of the box as a result, hoping that other sellers could follow such example in future too.

Image 1-2: DIY shipping box for Fluke 5450A

Image 3-4: DIY shipping box for Fluke 5450A

Image 5-6: Fluke 5450A ready for international travel



Part 1:

Part 2:

Initial check, June 2017

Fluke 5450A range Calibration value 5450A Measured 3458A-3 (Δ, ppm) Spec, 1y
Short 0 0.00004 ±0.0001 mΩ
1 Ω 0.999604 0.99960 (-4) ±110 ppm
1.9 Ω 1.899486 1.89947 (-8.4) ±100 ppm
10 Ω 10.00065 10.00068 (+3) ±33 ppm
19 Ω 19.00095 19.00084 (-5.8) ±31 ppm
100 Ω 100.0057 100.0071 (+14) ±16 ppm
190 Ω 190.0141 190.0156 (+8) ±15.5 ppm
1000 Ω 1000.046 1000.0522 (+6) ±13.5 ppm
1900 Ω 1900.109 1900.123 (+7.4) ±13 ppm
10 KΩ 10000.57 10000.622 (+5.2) ±13 ppm
19 KΩ 19000.52 19000.82 (+15.8) ±12.5 ppm
100 KΩ 100001.2 100001.31 (+1.1) ±14 ppm
190 KΩ 190004.3 190003.6 (-3.6) ±13.5 ppm
1.0 MΩ 1.000034 MΩ 1.000009E6 (-25) ±19 ppm
1.9 MΩ 1.900054 MΩ 1.899893E6 (-84) ±19 ppm
10 MΩ 10.00016 MΩ 9.996236E6 (-392) ±50 ppm
19 MΩ 19.00054 MΩ 18.98499E6 (-818) ±56 ppm
100 MΩ 100.0301 MΩ 99.80216E6 (-2278) ±200 ppm

Calibration, using F8508A-01 transfer to SL935

Fluke 5450A range Calibration value 5450A Measured 8508A to SL935 DEVN (Δ, ppm) Spec, 1y
10 KΩ 10000.57 10000.6059 () to RSTD 10 kΩ σ = 0.09 ppm ±13 ppm

Calibration with DCC and HSB bridges, 2022

Calibration history log

Comparison of other Fluke 5450A units in community

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