Fluke 8505A Teardown and repair worklog
Author: Razvan C.
Published: 10 October 2019 Repair worklog of the Fluke 8505A, precision 6½-digit benchtop multimeter from year 1982.

Repair, testing and experiments with Ballantine 1605B
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 17 September 2019 Maintenance and experiments with Ballantine AC/DC Autobalance Transfer Standard

Ian Johnston's PDVS2mini prototype review and testing
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 09 September 2019 Benchmarking LM399AH-based compact PDVS2mini Precision DC source from Ian Johnston.

Leo Bodnar's fast pulser (2.92mm version) review
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 30 July 2019 Review of Leo Bodnar's 30ps fast pulse 10 MHz generator.

Arroyo TECpak temperature controller unit review and usage
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 23 June 2019 Test of Arroyo TECpak 585-04-08 temperature controller module.

Updated 2019 SI units transfers @xDevs labs
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 24 May 2019 SI 2019 Update and practical example for unit of Volt and Ohm transfers

Review and modifications for Agilent 16441A R-Box
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 25 March 2019 Experiments with Agilent 16441A

Building air-bath thermal Peltier chamber
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 07 March 2019 Low-cost take on benchtop thermal chamber with airflow mixing, using Peltier element and PID controller.

Review and calibration of Advantest R6452A 5.5-digit DMM
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 02 March 2019 Teardown and calibration testing of 5.5-digit benchtop Advantest DMM

Keithley 6430/4200 preamplifier teardown and stand-alone use options
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 14 January 2019 Attempt of reusing Keithley 4200 PreAmplifier module for regular SMU.

Modification of the binding post adapter Fluke 5790A-7001 into Fluke 792A-7004
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 13 August 2018 Short article showing how to modify Fluke 5790A-7001 UHF to binding post adapter dongle.

INL testing
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 18 July 2018 Testing INL on different commercial digitizers

STI SuperLink RX cryocooled RF filter review
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 27 January 2018 Experiments with Stirling-type cryocooler unit for active cooling semiconductor devices at 77 Kelvin.

Analysis of the Fluke 8846A custom laser-trimmed resistance networks
Author: Todd M.
Published: 03 October 2017 Look inside of Fluke 8846A's metrology level hermetical precision resistor networks, custom Fluke P/N 2464674 and 2464707.

Overclocking for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Author: KPC Team
Published: 21 September 2017 Theory and practice of overclocking Raspberry Pi 3 ARM-based computer.

Project 792X - 10V "FX" reference and Fluke 792A support pack
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 27 July 2017 Portable shielded battery power pack and experimental 10V ultra-stable DC Voltage reference build.

Design of MX LTZ1000A DC voltage reference
Author: Todd M.
Published: 23 July 2017 Another approach to design ultra-stable DC Voltage reference, based on Linear LTZ1000 conventional design.

Fluke SL935 heated resistance standard prototype
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 28 April 2017 Restoration and benchmarks of unique Fluke SL935 Resistance Standard Prototype.

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