STI SuperLink RX cryocooled RF filter review
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 27 January 2018 Experiments with Stirling-type cryocooler unit for active cooling semiconductor devices at 77 Kelvin.

Analysis of the Fluke 8846A custom laser-trimmed resistance networks
Author: Todd M.
Published: 03 October 2017 Look inside of Fluke 8846A's metrology level hermetical precision resistor networks, custom Fluke P/N 2464674 and 2464707.

Overclocking for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Author: KPC Team
Published: 21 September 2017 Theory and practice of overclocking Raspberry Pi 3 ARM-based computer.

Project 792X - 10V "FX" reference and Fluke 792A support pack
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 27 July 2017 Portable shielded battery power pack and experimental 10V ultra-stable DC Voltage reference build.

Design of MX LTZ1000A DC voltage reference
Author: Todd M.
Published: 23 July 2017 Another approach to design ultra-stable DC Voltage reference, based on Linear LTZ1000 conventional design.

Fluke SL935 heated resistance standard prototype
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 28 April 2017 Restoration and benchmarks of unique Fluke SL935 Resistance Standard Prototype.

Evaluation of modern pressure sensors with digital interface
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 10 April 2017 Test of signal/noise and stability performance of All Sensors DLHR and Honeywell RSC low pressure sensors.

Study of temperature coefficient on 260 precision resistors
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 09 January 2017 Measurement and comparison of various precision resistors stability and temperature coefficient

Tweaks and mods for HP 3457A 6.5-digit DMM
Published: 31 December 2016 Various modifications and circuit improvements of HP 3457A 6½-digit system DMM

HP/Agilent/Keysight 3458A 8.5-digit DMM modifications and tweaks
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 28 December 2016 Experiments around 3458A circuitry.

Tale 1 : Little jumper, or sharks in voltage references world
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 12 October 2016 Custom precision voltage reference build for hobbyist use. Engineering fairy-tale.

Ultra-quiet LDO module design, based on Linear LT3042
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 31 August 2016 Design and evaluation of ultra-low linear regulator modules, using Linear LT3042 in DFN package.

Ratiometric resistance measurements
Author: Todd M.
Published: 27 August 2016 Methods and equipment for high resistance measurement accuracy.

International SI volt transfer experiment
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 27 May 2016 Voltage transfer experiment, using LTZ1000A-module for stable +7 VDC transfer.

Repair and use of old 19" TFT LCD monitor
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 20 May 2016 Prompt repair of old 19" TFT LCD monitor and reuse as Raspberry Pi display development mini-modules
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 31 March 2016 Overview on our legacy MCU and CPLD development modules

DIY Calibration resistance box build
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 27 March 2016 Building precision resistor box for calibration purposes

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