Project is an education project, dedicated to electronics engineering, involving, but not limited to digital and analog circuit design, programmable devices and gate arrays applications and firmware development for embedded systems.

Our products

  • Neutron – Power supply automated test system, 12-channel 2kW DC power rating for electronic load, 2% accuracy
  • Development boardsATMEL AVR, ARM, Altera CPLD and FPGA development opensource hardware kits
  • T&M Repairs – Repair worklogs for industry test and measurement equipment
  • Project KX – Precision DC voltage source/meter unit (in development)

Our tools

  • – Issue tracker based on Redmine engine, used to collect tasks and coordinate teamwork.
  • – Repository management engine, running on RhodeCode engine, used to maintain repositories.
  • – Documentation collection, containing database of electronics information for public use.

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